terptree are here to change the world for deaf people

terptree is an Award-winning business that is deeply passionate about creating social change to truly educate and empower deaf and hearing people.

We do this by working in partnership to implement real change that has a tangible impact on deaf people's lives.

We believe that there are four key stakeholders who when engaged can activate this social change:

1. Sign Language Students

Make available high level sign language education to train and up-skill those who are committed to progressing their sign language and those who have ambitions of a career as a Sign Language Interpreter or other related professions.

2. Service Providers

Each organisation and business needs to learn very specifically how to work in partnership in order to implement real change that has a tangible impact on deaf people's lives.

3. Sign Language Interpreters

Have access to world-class Interpreter education across the globe to train and maintain continual professional development and foster a feeling of unity, belief and passion for what they do.

4. Deaf People

Enable deaf people to learn the skills to better understand themselves and their deafhood, how they fit into the hearing world and empower them with the tools to achieve their dreams.