Deafblind Interpreting Attributes


What attributes do Deafblind people perceive as essential in an interpreter?: a master's thesis.

You will gain an understanding of the various aetiologies of Deafblindness

You will learn about Socio-cultural ramifications of Deafblindness. 
You will gain an insight into the linguistics of Tactile BSL (TBSL) and modifications to the interpreting process' for TBSL assignments.

You will have the opportunity to discuss scenarios surrounding Deafblind interpreting, to learn terminology relating to the field of Deafblindness and Deafblind interpreting.

You will understand a Deafblind person’s linguistic rights, definitions, laws and services available to them.


Barry is a fully qualified BSL/English Interpreter, who is currently sttudying the European Masters in Sign Language Interpreting (EUMASLI)

Barry has worked with people who are Deafblind for 13 years, and is a trainer, researcher, and mentor.

Deafblind Interpreting Attributes

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