Theatre and Arts


The guru of all things theatre interpreting, Jeni Draper, provides an educating insight into working in Theatre and Arts.  Theatre and Arts is one of the most exciting and fulfilling domains (albeit - tough!) you will ever work in.

Jeni will give you the tips and strategies to start working in this domain or perfect the skills you already have.

Jeni discusses working in Musicals, Pantomimes, Museums, Art galleries, and many more exciting subjects. 


Jeni was trained as an actress, toured theatre productions nationally and internationally, small film roles and bits of TV….Eastenders the vet for Wellard the dog. She got a bit bored and decided to learn a language and picked BSL because she thought it might be interesting! Jeni said it was the best move she ever made!

Jeni said "I was rejected by the Deaf interviewer on the grounds that as an actress I would be off on the road and wouldn’t stay the course. I was incensed knowing how little acting work there was for me, generally so waited for him to finish all other interviews (72 of them) and then I accosted him in the corridor with his interpreter and told him it was a huge mistake he’d made. Next day I had a phone call saying I was in. Tenacity paid off and a new career took off!"

Jeni Now works 50% in community 50% in the Arts!


"Informative and full of own experience with a bit of terminology chucked in! Great."

"A superb presentation of personal experience and practice of Integrated Stage Interpreting supplimented with  references drawn from other interpreters' working practice in the domain of Theatre and The Arts."

"Informative, interesting, engaging, funny and at a good pace with plenty of time to ask questions (even the stupid ones!).  Fantastic value for time and money.  Defo doing it again! "

Theatre and Arts

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