Working With Deaf Students In Examinations


The issue of exams is all-pervading in education settings and impacts on the work of CSWs and interpreters throughout the academic year. At the start of the year, exams seem far away, but vital preparation starts on ‘day one’ and proper examination support continues through the year. Then, in the exam room, many issues arise:

•  What roles do staff take on?

•  How are they accountable?

•  What are the examination regulations and which exams are covered?

•  Are there any guidelines for best practice?

•  What if a candidate cheats?

•  What if malpractice occurs?

•  How can staff feel confident?


Andy is a working CSW, BSL/English interpreter, consultant, trainer and author on Deaf issues based in London. He has written six books, is currently researching for two more and contributes regularly to Deaf-related magazines and conferences. He was a co-founder of ACSW and is the present Vice Chair of adept (Association of Deaf Education Professionals and Trainees). He has a special interest in examinations, writes guidelines and consults annually with regulatory bodies including Ofqual over the national regulations. He has delivered workshops around the country on the subject of exams for several years.

Working with Deaf students in examinations

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