Special Educational Needs


In this session, Karl provides an overview to working with children with Special Education Needs (SEN) - an encompassing term for children with a learning difficulty or disability. This sessionwill enable you to be highly effective and transform a child's future. 

Karl provides you with tips and best practices to help Sign Language Interpreters have an incredible impact with the children they help.


Karl began life in the Deaf Community in 2001 working as a PCA (Personal Communication Assistant) for a senior manager in a Deaf organisation. Progressing into the Interpreting team after completing the Post Graduate Diploma in BSL/English Interpreting at UCLan in 2006. Karl remained a staff interpreter until 2009 at which point he became freelance. Since then Karl has completed his A1 Assessor qualification and now assess for a variety of centres around the UK. Prior to finding the Deaf Community Karl had a series of jobs after graduating from MMU with a BA (Hons) in Applied Social Studies by Independent Study; a modular based degree in which Karl studied Special Educational Needs, Severe and Complex Needs and Psychology.

During his career Karl has been a very active member of the interpreting community, starting off as Regional Chair in the North West for ASLI until eventually becoming National Vice Chair. Karl also held the role of Membership Secretary for WASLI (the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters) and enjoys attending efsli (the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters).

You can often find Karl lurking around a theatre as that is a passion of his, both to interpret and to be a spectator of. Karl has also done some sign performance work both here in the UK and further afield in Europe. All domains of interpreting interest Karl, however his main passions have to be theatre and mental health.

Special Educational Needs

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