Professional Services


terptree rockstar, Esther Thomas provides an overview to working in Professional Services. 

We get a lot of business and public services bookings at terptree, and effective communication support in this field can lead to super feedback and repeat bookings. This information will enable you to get the best out of yourself, the deaf person and the client. 

Esther discusses working in conferences and large meetings, political settings and dealing with Disability politics.


Esther Rose Thomas is a freelance interpreter. She has: worked for over 21 years and has specialised in Mental Health since 2002. A qualified ASLI mentor, Esther is especially concerned with the impact the field of Mental Health has on interpreters and the impact that we make, just by being in the room.
Previously editor of Newsli, ASLI's magazine and currently volunteering with homeless people. Esther has travelled to over 50 countries and has a passion for those that don't have it as good as we do.
Originally from Australia she has settled now in London.

Professional Services

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