Online Interpreting


Online Interpreting is an ever-growing field due to the opportunity for deaf people to access Sign Language Interpreters much quicker through VRS technology.

Helen takes you through what life is like as an Online Interpreter and discusses the adaptations and considerations that need to be made to successfully work in this industry.


Working as a BSL/English Interpreter since 1992, Helen qualified in 1996 and has a broad range of interpreting experience.

Helen is a qualified assessor, internal and external verifier. Since 2010 she has worked at the leading VRS (Video Relay Services) provider in the UK, with responsibility for training.

Together with colleagues Helen has delivered seminars on Video Interpreting at the ASLI conference in 2012 and at EFSLI 2013. Helen is registered with NRCPD (qualified) and a member of the Chartered Management Institute.


"It was an online training session about online interpreting. It explained the difference between VRI and VRS, discussed the challenges involved and how best to deal with those challenges. It was very informative and I now feel I have a good grasp of what online interpreting involves, having started out pretty much clueless."

Online Interpreting

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