An Introduction to Interpreter's Role-Space


An introduction to the model of interpreted interaction developed by Robert Lee and Peter Llewellyn-Jones.

The field of interpreting has struggled with the concept of ‘role’ for a long time. Metaphors such as ‘telephone’ or ‘conduit’ have been used to describe what we do; they often serve to confuse people rather than clarify. This session presents a new model of the interpreter's role; one that is dynamic and principled, not arbitrarily following a list of rules.

You will be introduced to the model, the theory and practice behind it as well as specific examples. At the end.


Robert G. Lee came to UCLan from Boston in the US. Robert is a Certified American Sign Language-English Interpreter and has worked for over twenty years in a variety of settings, specializing in medical situations and conference interpreting.

Robert is research active within the area of language, linguistics, culture and society and is a member of theResearch Unit for Speech and Language.

An Introduction to Interpreter's Role-Space

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